The Challenge


The challenge was to create a video, ideally seventy seconds long (but no more than 100 seconds), where you showed us an environmental project you are working with, have worked with, or are planning to work with.  

The Contest

As Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors, you are no stranger to working to make the world a better place together with likeminded people. 

Now we are facing a brand new set of challenges, helping fix the environment and the future for us all. 

Rotary International has risen to that challenge by declaring a new seventh Area Of Focus – “Protecting the Environment” 

In ESRAG – The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group – we are working together to provide a platform for the Rotary family around the world to get engaged. 

The challenge was to create a video, ideally seventy seconds long (but no more than 100 seconds), where you showed us an environmental project you are working with, have worked with, or are planning to work with.  

Challenge your club members to do the same. Challenge everyone! 

The more people see and get inspired from our films, the more we will all help fix the planet with this video challenge.  

The videos will be presented first during the RICON 4th – 8th of June 2022 in the House of friendship. The final chance is at the RI institute in BASEL: OUR FUTURE IS NOW, 4th – 6th of November 2022. 

The Jury will consist of our 13 regional chapter leaders.

The Rules

Everyone who is part of the Rotary family – Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors are welcome to participate in our first challenge.

1st prize: VR glasses and an exclusive space in our VR world
2nd prize: an exclusive big space in our VR world
3rd prize: an exclusive space in our VR world

Overall topic:

How do I fix the planet?


Your video should be related to the environment – show us your projects, thoughts and feelings. Make sure that your video is entertaining, informative and easily understood. Regarding the content there are no creative limits.

Please be sure to get consents from the people in the films using ESRAG’s online Model Consent.

Ask the photographer to fill out ESRAG’s Media Creator Release Form.


70 – 100 seconds

Videos outside this range will be permitted but being outside the range is a criterion taken into account by the jury.


Just take your smartphone!

There is no limit to how simple or advanced your video is, just as long as it shows your idea.

The recordings can be made with a smartphone camera as well as film cameras. If you use your smartphone, please use the highest resolution (at least 720 pixel).


If you want to add music to your contribution, consider the copyright and use free music. You can find free music on the following websites: (especially sound effects)


The jury speaks English. You can use any language you are comfortable with, but if you use a language other than English, please consider adding subtitles.

For example, this is how it works for YouTube.

Video submission:

You can upload your video on your platform of choice. Then publish the link to your video on our homepage. Think about an appealing title and description.


Make sure that your video doesn’t infringe on third party rights or violate law

And overall is in the spirit of the Rotary 4 way test. Be respectful of the feelings and opinions of others.

Share your Video

Please share this challenge with your fellows in the Rotary family and friends using the Social Media Images below.

Add a call to action and include the hashtagn #ifixtheplanet

“Ready to fix the planet? Show us how you will help by taking part in the #ESRAG video challenge #IFixThePlanet. Sign up today:”

To download the images, right click and choose save image.

How to Guides

We have put together some training videos to assist you getting videos into the I fix The Planet Video Challenge

1. Introduction: 5 Easy steps to creating video to promote your Rotary Project

i. Write your script / story (we recommend the 6 step process outlined)

ii. Create your Powerpoint Slides as a storyboard

iii. Record your Powerpoint with narration (webcam optional) and save as an .mp4 file (not .ppt)

iv. Upload .mp4 video file from your computer to YouTube (or other video platform)

v. Submit your Youtube link to the I Fix The Planet Video Challenge and other websites and social media

2. Some example Powerpoint Videos

3. Detailed instructions on the 5 Step Powerpoint Video process

4. The 6 step storytelling process with Bernadette Schwerdt

5. How to submit your video link to the I Fix The Planet video challenge

6. How to transfer Videos to your computer via GDrive and then use Windows10 Video editor to trim and combine video clips for uploading to YouTube

7. Powerpoint tips/features for making Powerpoint Videos.

Build hope and courage through the Ifixtheplanet video challenge.


Watch the videos submitted in our first two contests and be inspired to take action for the environment.

Follow us & join the conversation.